Adoption Date: 7/19/1994, Revised: 6/20/2000; 4/4/06; 10/2/07; 12/4/07; 7/1/2008; 4/26/16; 2/25/2020


The District will locate, identify, and evaluate all students with disabilities who reside within its boundaries, including homeless children, children who are wards of the state, home-schooled children, and children attending private schools. Further, it is the policy of the Board of Education to conduct a census in order to locate and identify all children with disabilities within the District under the age of twenty-one (21), including those children as described above, and to establish a register of such students entitled to attend school or receive preschool services.

The Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) will maintain and annually revise the register of such students and others referred to the committee as possibly having a disability, as appropriate. In addition, census data shall be reported by October 1 to the CSE or CPSE as appropriate.

The District understands that its Child Find obligations have been expanded to include notification to every parent or person in parental relation, upon enrollment of their child in the District, of their rights regarding referral and evaluation for the purposes of special education services or programs pursuant to applicable federal and state laws. The notification will contain the name and contact information for the chairperson of the District's CSE or other individual who is charged with processing referrals to the committee in the District. The District may, in its discretion, provide such notice by directing parents or persons in parental relation to obtain information located on the State Education Department's website relating to a parent's guide to special education in New York State for children ages three (3) through twenty-one (21).

Any student suspected of having a disability should be referred to the applicable CSE or CPSE for evaluation and possible identification as a student with a disability.

Nonpublic School Students with Disabilities Who are Parentally Placed

If the District boundaries encompass a nonpublic school, it must develop and implement methods to identify, locate and ensure the identification and evaluation of students with disabilities who have been, or are going to be, parentally placed in such nonpublic school.

The child find activities must be similar to activities for students with disabilities in the public schools and must be completed in a time period comparable to that for other students attending public schools in the District.

As the district of location, the District must consult with representatives of the nonpublic schools and parents of parentally placed students to determine an accurate count of students with disabilities attending such schools and receiving special education services.

These requirements only pertain to students with disabilities parentally placed in elementary and secondary nonpublic schools, not to parental placements of preschool children with disabilities in private day care or preschool programs, or to CSE placements of students with disabilities in approved private schools, Special Act School Districts, State-supported or State-operated schools; or to Charter schools.

Provision of Special Education Services for Child under Age Seven

It is the responsibility of the CSE to provide special education services to a child with a disability under the age of seven who is eligible for school-age services, not subject to compulsory attendance requirements and not on a regular school attendance register. These are children with disabilities who are eligible for school-age special education services that are no longer eligible for preschool special education services, but are not parentally placed in a nonpublic elementary school and not being home schooled.

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