Adoption Date: 6/20/2000; 2/27/18


The District budget for any school year or any part of such budget, or any proposition involving the expenditure of money for such school year, shall not be submitted for a vote of the qualified voters of the District more than twice in any school year.


If the original proposed budget is not approved by District voters at the Annual District Meeting and Election, the Board has the option of either resubmitting the original or revised budget for voter approval at a special meeting held at a later date; or the Board may, at that point, adopt a contingency budget and levy a tax for teachers' salaries and ordinary contingent expenses as enumerated in law. If the Board decides to submit either the original or a revised budget to the voters for a second time, and the voters do not approve the second budget submittal, the Board shall adopt a contingency budget and levy a tax for those expenditures mandated pursuant to law and/or for those services necessary to maintain the educational program.


Policy References:
Education Law Sections 2002, 2023, 2024, and 2601-a

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