Adoption Date: 7/19/1994, Revised: 1/17/1995; 6/20/00, Reviewed 05/19/15; 5/2/17


Advisory committees should be appointed by the Board of Education only when there is a definite function to be performed, and this function should be indicated to the committee when it is appointed. The service of an advisory committee shall not be longer than for a school year. Re-appointment of any committee after the end of a school year shall be at the discretion of the Board. The purpose of such a committee will be in an advisory capacity only, with all final decisions to be made by the Board of Education. The following guidelines will apply to all advisory committees appointed by the Board of Education:

a) Advisory committees should be appointed primarily to advise the Board of Education and school administration on matters of School District concern. In general, members of such committees shall not be required to perform specific services requested by an individual of the Board. Unique talents of members can best be utilized on a committee basis. The advisory committee shall focus on the function for which it was formed and shall not become involved with other School District responsibilities.

b) Advisory committees should advise on matters requiring decisions by the Board only after a thorough study has been made by the committee. Matters on which the Board has taken or intends to take action without the committee's advice should not be placed before an advisory committee.

c) The committee should be as truly representative of the community as possible and the membership should be drawn from as many different areas, economic levels and vocational pursuits as possible. In essence, it should be a cross section of the School District. The persons selected should be interested in the welfare of the school community to the extent that they will be willing to give time and effort to the study of vital issues. Selections should be made in terms of what members can and will do, rather than what organizations they represent.

d) The Board of Education may appoint members from a list submitted to them from other Board members and members of the administrative staff. After a list of proposed members have been completed, the Board of Education shall send letters of invitation to individuals on the list. The letter should possibly include some of the following items: a statement of the problem facing the Board and the School District, need for aid from citizens in solving the problem, time and place of the first meeting, and any other vital information as necessary.

e) The Board of Education or Superintendent will appoint a chairperson pro tem to direct initial committee activities until such time as a permanent chairperson is elected by the committee.

f) An advisory committee is prohibited from expending any District funds without prior approval and specific authorization from the Board.

g) An advisory committee is prohibited from entering into any contractual agreements.

h) Up to two (2) Board members and members of the administrative staff will act as liaison between the advisory committee and the Board of Education, and will try to assist the committee in fulfilling their function through information and needed resources.

i) In accordance with the Open Meetings Law, in the case of any meeting scheduled at least one week ahead of time, published notice of the time and place shall be given to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations at least seventy-two (72) hours before such meeting. In the case of meetings scheduled less than one week in advance, public notice of the time and place shall be given, to the extent practicable, to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations at a reasonable time prior to such meetings.

j) Periodic updates will be sent to the Board of Education.

k) When the committee is ready to submit its final report on the assigned topic, the Board shall, on request, arrange a joint meeting for the purpose of receiving the report. A summary of this joint meeting and the report shall then be prepared and submitted to the Board and the administrative staff for their study, consideration and final action by the Board.

l) The Board of Education shall see that the public is made aware of the services rendered by such committees of citizens as it may appoint and shall see that the public is informed of all major conclusions and the recommendations made by such committees. All public announcements concerning the organization, membership, operations, recommendations, and the resolutions of such committees shall be made at such time and in such manner as the Board may choose with all news releases channeled through the Superintendent of Schools.

The Board of Education maintains certain legal powers and prerogatives that cannot be delegated or surrendered to a committee. Therefore, all recommendations of an advisory committee must be submitted to the Board for official action. The Board reserves the right to accept, reject, or modify all or parts of the committee's recommendations.

On completion of its study, the advisory committee will be discharged from any further responsibility to the Board of Education. The Board reserves the right to dissolve any of its advisory committees at any time during the life of any committee.


Policy References:
Public Officers Law Article 7

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